Revita Foundation is a non-profit research organization located in the Eastern part of Hungary, specialized on sociological researches, analysis and expert works. We have references mainly, but not exclusively related to research, education and project activities of employment issues, disabilities and social innovation. Our research materials and studies are free to use and can be downloaded from our webpage.


  • Professional support of social innovations
  • Working out methodological developments
  •  Planning and conducting impact assessments, evaluations, need and demand assessments, and other researches


Our experts are mainly sociologists and social politicians. Currently Revita Foundation has 7 employees. In case of a higher volume job, we work with a permanent network of subcontractors covering all regions of the country. Since two of the employees work full-time at the University of Debrecen Department of Sociology and Social Policy, we have close cooperation with the Department. We also regularly work with students, often in the framework of a contracted professional practice.


  • high-quality expertise in research methodology, employment and disability issues
  • recognition on regional and national level
  • solid project and financial management expertise
  • permanent office support staff
  • English-speaking staff members experienced in international projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus Partnerships, FP7)
  • motivated staff willing to broaden present scope of activities for taking up a more definitive role in societal research
  • commitment to lifelong learning

You find our referencies here.

In case you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us!